God’s Blessings to you this day!

I pray that your summer has been enjoyable with some rest and relaxation. As we look to the beginning of the new school year, I wanted to share some information in regards to the musical offerings in our school. Below are the classes that are available for your child.

Please consider having your child enroll in as many musical ensembles as possible this year. Music is an art that requires hands-on participation. Having your child participate in multiple ensembles will allow for better musical growth.

As always, please speak to me if you have any questions. May God bless you now and always!

In Christ,

Mr. Scheiderer
812 522 3118

Vocal Ensembles: Students may participate in as many choirs as they would like.

Instrumental Ensembles: Students may participate in one or both

Special Ensembles: These ensembles require self-motivation outside of the classroom. Students may participate in one or both.